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Alpinestars Tech Air 3 System svart

Alpinestars' lightest autonomous Airbag System, Tech-Air® 3 is designed to be worn over or under the motorcycle jacket,
as the effective and practical choice for touring riders, urban city commuters and light off-road adventure riders.

Tech-Air® 3 is a fully autonomous active Airbag System and does not require any external connections or sensors
on the motorcycle for the System to operate. Tech-Air® 3 incorporates 6 integrated sensors: 3 accelerometers
(1 triaxial accelerometer) and 3 gyroscopes (1 triaxial gyroscope) to provide the best crash monitoring performance
in a variety of dynamic riding situations, and even when stopped. The Tech-Air® 3 Airbag System activates automatically
via the magnetic zip closure. The System's packable design allows it to be easily stored in a backpack or under a bike's seat
when not in use.

Tech-Air® 3 is designed with a diagonal zipper to provide complete front chest coverage while also concealing the inner airbag.
The magnetic zip closure has been designed for ease of use and to provide a secure closure system to the airbag garment.
An LED display on the front chest indicates the airbag's operational status. The LED display also incorporates a haptic alert,
which vibrates to confirm the System is armed, and alerts the rider when the battery is running low.
Tech-Air® 3 incorporates Alpinestars' Pro 2nd Generation compact Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which may be found in the
ECU pocket located in the upper back of the inner, Tech-Air® 3 vest.
Bluetooth low energy (BLE 5.0) connectivity to the Tech-Air® App allows riders to monitor the System's operational status,
battery status, as well as provides a detailed map of motorcyclists rides via MyRide.
Upgradable system software is accessible via the Tech-Air® App, where Integrated back protector pocket on the back can house
additional passive back protection.
Tech-Air® 3 uses a crash detection algorithm that leverages AI to accurately monitor when to deploy the airbag in the event
of a crash, allowing the airbag to provide active protection in street riding scenarios and a variety of riding conditions, even when stopped.

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